The history of poker

The history of poker
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The history of poker is almost two hundred years old, the game became popular first in the US, and then returned to Europe, where it finds its roots – games like Italian primero or French poque with similar rules. During this time, there were numerous varieties of the game, but they have one general characteristic – the him are trying to collect the strongest poker hand. In order not to give a rating of poker hands every time I bring it here right now.

With jokers or “wild” cards (a card playing the role of a joker and replacing any other), it is also possible to combine “poker” – five cards of the same rank, for example, a joker

Pay attention, here we will only talk about poker games against the casino, that is, where only the player and the dealer participate. There are a lot of poker games where people play each other – so-called club poker. These are very popular nowadays Texas Hold’em, Omaha, stud, etc., you can learn more about them on the “Poker online” site. Also I decided to single out a separate section of video poker – this is a large number of varieties of poker, played in the format of a slot machine.

In general, poker games with more or less different rules, there are many tens, if not hundreds, but we will not try to embrace the immensity. Here you will only see games that you can find in the online casino, but there are all the games that are present in popular online casinos. In the menu on the left I tried to place games by popularity, those that you will see more often in the casino above, more rare – below. Well, next to your attention is offered the same list of games, but already sorted by mathematical expectation (more precisely, the casino from the least to the greatest, the lower the number, the better the him, the of the casino is given in the total amount of bets in the round of the game), following the optimal strategy , with the English and Russian name of the game.

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